Naveed’s illustrious career as a Business Strategist and PR & Communications professional is only a prelude to the vision he instills in his venture, The N Factor.
Possessing relentless wit and an unwavering knack for one-liners, Naveed’s career of over two decades is no less illustrative. An uncanny creative, Naveed believes only a limitless imagination can bring forth extraordinary ideas – suggesting the impossible and ‘delivering it’ is the forte the industry knows him for.
He has his feet in the future with an understanding of the market, its potential and opportunities.
Naveed’s foray into the world of strategy building and brand conceptualization is the magnum opus of his career, garnering an expansively vast clientele portfolio and innumerable brand success stories to attribute to his name. Naveed holds a strong foothold in cross-industry marketing discipline with a cemented network of investors and clients, which in turn his clients benefit from.
In the spheres of business and strategy, Naveed places a focal emphasis on deriving exceptionally innovative turn-around strategies, resonating with a brand’s vision. Commanding an elaborately avant-garde and messianic approach to business, Naveed regards strategy building as an inherently prodigious process that only succeeds with a micro understanding of the client’s vision and the market appetite with an essential grasp for innovative thinking.
Ingrained in his character are the nuances of a creatively expressive musician who pursues excellence rather intuitively and an explicitly frenzied gamer who raises the bar each time. With an official music album and a movie soundtrack to date, Naveed is more the all-rounder dabbling in music, innovation, development and more.